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Title: Decision
Fandom: Transformers (IDW: Megatron Origin)
Pairing: None (Starscream-centric)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 580
Warnings: Slight blood and violence, purple prose

When he first watches Megatron in the arena, his eyes light up. It is a nearly imperceptible to anyone other than his brothers, and they are far too distracted by the match—Thundercracker’s wings pulled in close to him in apparent disgust, Skywarp cheering the competitors on in a nonsensical matter—to even notice.

This is not the first match he has seen, of course, but there is something about this Megatron that tickles his senses. He fights with an otherworldly grace—cool and calculated—with each move executed in measured and fine precision, almost like a Seeker in flight. He does not envy the opponent in who has been slotted to face him and his upper lip curls above his denta in an annoyed snarl. He was hoping to see more of a challenge, more of an epic and humiliating defeat at the hands of such a glorious warrior, but alas, it is not to be. It could have been over before it had even begun, but Megatron knows how to cater to the crowd—drawing things out just so those in attendance will receive a good show—and for this, Starscream respects him even more. Battle is not merely based on strength, but on the art that is incorporated into it—an art that uses energon as paint and the arena as a canvas.

Eyes shutter close as he listens to the increasing roar of the crowd, and he imagines himself in that spotlight, tearing into an opponent, purple decorating his wings. He’d play the crowd just as well as Megatron—no, even better than that—and he’d raise his arms in triumph, screaming his victory. He’d revel in it—revel in it all. He hates being the sheltered one, the one Thundercracker imposes all his rules and ideals upon. He wanted that independence from his brothers. So what if they were a trine? So what if they were meant to function together? He wanted to divert away from the norm, and following this warrior and his fights in the arena—wearing his brand—he would belong to something much bigger than he was. He’d have a sense of purpose.

This time, he’d make sure he’d get what he wanted.

The crowd rises up in raucous cheer as a large black hand emerges stained in streams of purple from the opponent's back, and there is such a feeling of reverence and awe in the pit of his spark from it all that his eyes snap open, and if it weren’t for Thundercracker keeping a sharp eye on him, reading his body language and yanking him back rather forcefully, arms locked around his waist, Starscream would have jumped down from the stands to revel in the growing pool of energon, to feel the adoring touch of that warrior after he proclaimed him his most loyal follower, stroking his wings appreciatively and...

An involuntary shudder ripples through his frame, and then he feels Thundercracker’s thumb rubbing soothing circles on his hip plate and he surrenders for now, slumping limply in his older brother’s arms, watching in mild amusement as Skywarp still cheers with the rest of the crowd, flying excitedly in small circles above the stands.

He has no doubt that he, at least, will follow him without question, but what of Thundercracker? Passive though he was, he’d need some persuasion. And then, his mind is made up.

Whatever it takes, he will put them all in Megatron’s good graces.

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Oh sweet Starscream voice here!


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