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I am the anonymous writer who lurks in your brain—your muse, if you will—that small plot bunny that refuses to go away until you write down your thoughts on the page.

Within these posts, you may find your mind wandering—exploring the unknown depths of your imagination as minds tend to do when confronted with the strange and absurd—settling down to analyze my annoyingly purple prose. That, my dear friend, is exactly the point.

Some of you may know me, most may not—but that is half the fun. Life and fandom is intertwined for many of us, after all. Yet despite my air of mystery, I will try to keep things in an orderly fashion for easy perusal. So let your mind wander and your spirits soar—we will all grow creative wings sometime.

These entries may be updated at any time. If I do happen to make a change, I will notify you with a revision date next to the entry link.

Fandom Meta:

Sexual Idealization in Fanfic (Locked)
Fanfiction and the Third-Person Effect
Fanfiction and the Contribution to McLuhan's Global Village
Kinks and Comfort Level in Fanfiction (Locked)

Book Reviews:

Some Girls: My Life in a Harem
Whip Smart: A Memoir (Locked)

The Purity Myth


Mass Effect:
Primal Aggression (Locked)

Cruor quod Sapor (Locked)
Beauty (Locked)

Envy (Locked)
Wanting (Locked)
Possession (Locked)
Silken Intoxication (Locked)
Coward (Locked)
Frozen (Locked)
Abusus Non Tollit Usum (Locked)

Transformers (Winner Take All):


Transformers (Play the Captive):
I (Locked)


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