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Disclaimer: There are always exceptions. In no way is this writer pointing anyone out.

McLuhan's idea of the global village states that as technology and mass media advances, society will move from independence and fragmentation to a collective, becoming increasingly involved in each other's lives. Fanfiction is a fine example of this principle at work, bringing together fans from around the the nation and abroad.

A friend whom I have not spoken to in months informed me that she now has fans in Russia, writing to her in stilted English in admiration about the Hellsing fanfiction she writes. While this is much more than I can say for myself (considering my works aren't too popular), this is an example of the concept of the global village.

As fans, we have much in the way of kinship to one another. Even those who are at odds with each other for various reason (pairings, favorite characters, verses, etc.) still feel a sense of kinship to an extent—even just minutely.  This is because we have found a niche, and through reviews, we become interconnected.  This is why reviews are like an addictive drug for some authors because in this way, they are connecting to their readers in an intimate way, learning their likes, dislikes, and how the story makes them feel.

But the problem lies in the lack of communication, most noticeably in unpopular fandoms on the Pit of Voles or general reader laziness.  No one is immune to this last one.  Sometimes, one just does not feel like reviewing or has nothing of substance to say (besides the general "spazz flail" reaction).  This is, by no means, an excuse.  I, myself, usually comment on personal entries over on LiveJournal because I feel I am connecting on a more interpersonal level, which is more important to me.  However, many do appreciate even just the smallest, most insignificant review, so if we want McLuhan's idea to thrive, you must conquer our laziness and review our little hearts out—not to give the author the gratification, per say, but to form a connection within the fandom.
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